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First Founders Limited (FFL) is an independent, not-for-profit corporation dedicated to shaping and building young business ventures emerging from academic and other institutional research. FFL was established by a group of experienced business founders and executives who believe their knowledge and skills could make an important contribution to ventures interested in making connections for success.

FFL is a trusted resource for locating experienced and qualified entrepreneurial talent capable of guiding an early stage venture to a fully functioning business organization. FFL's entrepreneurs are carefully recruited and screened. They agree to serve for the period until the venture has sufficient momentum to build its own organizational structure. The FFL process requires minimum cash outlays by ventures, with entrepreneurs agreeing to work for a small equity position in the supported venture. Relationships with and performance by FFL entrepreneurs are monitored by FFL to promote high performance and ethical behavior.

FFL is now working with more than a dozen entrepreneurs and several Boston-area institutions to create and commercialize ventures in telecommunications, life sciences, Web 2.0, and other sectors. FFL welcomes the opportunity to assist technology development teams seeking experienced managers and seasoned entrepreneurs to lead the next stage of growth.

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